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AC Preventative Maintenance in Statesboro

A proper working HVAC system is one of those things in life may people don’t fully appreciate until it stops working – especially in the south. But once it’s not working, you and your family will definitely notice, which why it is so important to properly maintain your homes heating and cooling. As part of regular AC preventative maintenance, it is necessary to have units inspected at least once or twice a year. Unfortunately, many home and business owners tend to postpone the service ostensibly to save money. Before you think of skipping regular AC maintenance, call Peach State AC in Statesboro to service and maintain your AC system

AC Preventative Maintenance

When analyzing this scenario, you need to weigh the difference between the discomfort of having a failed system and the cost of preventative maintenance. Secondly, the notion that you are saving money when you bypass a regular AC maintenance is all be mute because the cost of repairing a damaged system supersedes the maintenance cost. Putting off system maintenance can also curtail the lifespan of your HVAC, considering the lifespan of most well-engineered system is between 10 to 20 years. AC units and heaters can only achieve full life with proper checks and maintenance.

The purpose of HVAC regular maintenance service is to ensure proper system care is provided at the right intervals to eliminate bigger problems in the future. Before undertaking AC maintenance, you need to know when the various components should undergo maintenance. There are a couple of things you can do by yourself and those that require the input of an expert.

 For example, rinsing off the external unit (compressor and condenser) and the internal unit (blower and evaporator) and keeping the area them clear of debris and clutter is a simple task that helps extend the life of the unit.. An HVAC professional can be called upon to perform the following tasks:

  1. Access and size the AC system – irrespective of the size or specs of the system, a professional will analyze the system and ensure issues like ambient temperature and the volume of cooling are up to speed.
    2. Regular system inspection and maintenance – periodical and annual inspection of HVAC systems demands experienced hands. HVAC experts are well placed to check the systems and make the right calibrations since they possess the right experience and tools to do the job.
    3. Checking electrical faults and short-circuits – since HVAC systems are very complex machines with an elaborate network of tubes, motors and wires, only an expert can correctly spot the electrical faults in the Air Conditioner or HVAC system and advise on the next step of action. Performing HVAC regular maintenance can also go a long way to eliminate common issues like short circuits and improper wiring.

    Regular AC maintenance should not be put off for any reason, because even the most robust system may be vulnerable to internal and external failures. It’s critical to note that HVAC systems often operate intermittently for extended periods of time, which could easily take a toll on the system. For home and business owners, the main benefits of performing regular system maintenance are as follows:

* Low periodical repair bills
* Huge cash savings on utility bills
* Opportunity to prevent total breakdown
* Ensuring safe system operation
* Extending the life of the HVAC equipment

About Peach State Air Conditioning
Peach State Air Conditioning is a leading, homegrown HVAC company that serves Statesboro, GA and surrounding cities. The cities include Claxton, Sylvania, Pembroke, Metter Millen and even Savannah. The company has been operating in the last 30 years and specializes in providing quality Air Conditioning, heating and refrigerator services from system installation to repair and maintenance. This is all done to ensure customers get all the services they need in one stop. The trust Peach State Air Conditioning has built over the years stems from the belief that no work is too big or too to undertake, whether it’s about a heating system that needs tuning or AC unit relocation.

There are many other reasons to choose Peach State Air Conditioning as your service partner. The benefits include access to high quality service and around the clock availability. Peach State aims to be the number 1 HVAC Company in southeast Georgia. This commitment is clearly visible in its strong workforce and support team. The company’s experienced technicians are certified to install, repair and maintain different HVAC systems used in residential homes and commercial buildings. The residential service is specially focused on optimizing cooling and heating systems to make you and your family comfortable and save you money.

Peach State Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance Program
Peach State Air Conditioning maintenance service acts as a reminder to home and business owners that HVAC systems are a critical investment that should be regularly maintained to provide long term service. Maintenance is performed using tested tools to prevent unexpected system breakdown and other failures. Customers are encouraged to enroll on the Peach State Air Conditioning preventative maintenance program to enjoy unbeatable discounts on AC and heating systems as well as repairs. The program includes low monthly payment plans just to give you the needed peace of mind.

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If you need affordable HVAC services and maintenance, you have a dependable partner in Peach State Air Conditioning. The company technicians are trained to do the job to the specified standards before signing out. Looking at the many benefits, customers enjoy through AC preventative maintenance, its time you made the call today. You can get an instant quote by calling the number (912) 489-1585. Peach State services are available; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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