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AC Repair Services in Georgia

Can there be anything worse than coming home to a malfunctioning cooling system or poor indoor air quality? We totally get it. At Peach State, we pride ourselves on our ability to stay on top of every challenge that comes your way—a broken cooling system, an air conditioner in need of repairs, or one that simply needs a tune-up.

We also keep ourselves updated with the latest technology and new breakthroughs, helping you save on costs and increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system. We’re available for emergency services in Statesboro, Brunswick, and the surrounding areas.

We pride ourselves on the overall quality of work and customer satisfaction we have achieved over the last thirty years. When your AC unit needs repairs, Peach State offers HVAC services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Choosing An AC Repair Company

A leading, family-owned HVAC company, Peach State Air Conditioning serves Statesboro, GA, and its surrounding areas. We have been in the business for the last 30 years and are specialists in providing top-notch quality air conditioning, installation, maintenance, and repair services.

Why Choose Peach State Air Conditioning?

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Why Choose Our AC Services

We Are Here For You. 24/7: Whether you are facing a minor AC problem or an emergency issue that needs an instant response, our dedicated technician team will be ready with air conditioning services near you.

We Only Use Reputable Brands: We service and repair all system brands, however we install only the very best brands in the country for your AC cooling system.

Locally Owned. Dedicated To Service: With a local presence of over 30 years, we have garnered a rock-solid reputation for service and commitment. This spills over into every transaction that we enter into, whether it is for an old or new customer. We are dedicated to customer service, and your satisfaction is key to our business.

No Hidden Fees. Quality You Can Trust: You will find that there are no unexpected surprises in your dealings with us. There are no surcharges. There are no hidden fees. As our customers, you can have complete trust and confidence in our heating and cooling services because we do not believe in hidden charges but only in transparent pricing.

Common Reasons Your AC Isn’t Working

Some of the most common AC breakdowns we see are often due to faulty installation. HVAC systems are complex, and even the slightest mistake during your installation can lead to problems down the road, like low airflow and leaking ducts.

The most common problem you’re likely to see is low refrigerant. When your AC is low on coolant, it will make suspicious noises, like jingling or rattling, and it will not put out enough cool air to keep your home comfortable.

Other problems could result from not enough maintenance. These problems are generally the result of wear and tear. Like any mechanical equipment, constant use causes wear and tear. Without regular maintenance, this typical wear and tear will lead to breakdowns.

If your home air conditioning system is struggling, Peach State will be happy to assist you. We will find out what the problem is and present you with options to repair it without breaking the bank.

Get in touch with us today to schedule your air conditioning repair services!