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Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Services in Statesboro

In Bulloch County and Evans County and surrounding areas in Georgia the average daytime temperature during July hovers above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Cool, refreshing air conditioning offers vital comfort during heat waves. To make sure your HVAC system operates efficiently even during blistering hot weather, rely upon the friendly, professional air conditioning technicians of Peach State Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. We offer a full spectrum of AC installation, maintenance, and repair services. Make us your first choice whenever you need a capable air conditioning specialist in Statesboro!

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Services in Georgia

Air Conditioning: Essential in Georgia

When temperatures soar outside, you (and your loved ones) absolutely require a cool, comfortable place to cool down. A broken home air conditioning system makes life miserable for the entire household. This technology serves as a necessity today. Indoor locations quickly become oppressively hot during the summer. Don’t suffer discomfort because the air conditioner stopped working correctly. Ask us to supply fast, affordable emergency air conditioner repair services!

Our Coverage Area

When you schedule an air conditioning service appointment with us, we’ll travel to your home or business to provide assistance. Our HVAC coverage area includes many communities in eastern Georgia. Customers in all these counties request our services:

  • Bulloch County;
  • Candler County;
  • Effingham County;
  • Evans County;
  • Jenkins County;
  • Screven County;
  • Tattnall County.

Our skilled HVAC technicians offer skilled, knowledgeable solutions when air conditioning problems arise. We’ll help your household stay comfortably cool during the hottest months of the year!

Some Important Reasons to Select Our Company

Why do customers in this region of the Peach State frequently request our services? We believe our strong commitment to furnishing outstanding customer service plays a role in our success. Additionally, consider some other reasons to choose us:

  • Obtain licensed, well-qualified HVAC services;
  • Choose a local firm;
  • Hire a full-service company;
  • Select a firm serving residential, retail, and industrial customers on a 24/7 basis;
  • Discover highly affordable solutions for HVAC problems;
  • Enjoy fair, up front prices for HVAC services.

    Our HVAC Services

     Residents, businesses, and industrial plants across this region of Georgia rely on us to provide HVAC services. We understand customers in this part of Georgia absolutely need access to dependable air conditioning and refrigeration. We strive to offer affordable prices. (Ask about available financing programs for water heater replacement in Statesboro.)

      A Full-Service Licensed HVAC Company

      Our family owned and operated company possesses extensive experience installing and fixing cooling systems. Our technicians have more than 30 years of combined experience in this field. We offer a complete range of services:

          • Residential Air Conditioning Services;
          • Commercial Air Conditioning Services;
          • Industrial HVAC And Refrigeration Services.

      Obtain Fast Emergency Air Conditioner Repair Services

      Customers count on us to furnish rapid air conditioner repair assistance when air conditioning units or commercial cooling systems break down. By requesting our help in a timely manner, you may prevent further damage from occurring. Call us to address any HVAC problems, including any of these concerns:

          • Sluggish Performance;
          • AC Has Stopped Working Completely;
          • AC Unit Makes Unusual Sounds;
          • AC Unit Overheats or Sparks.

      If a customer’s air conditioner repair costs exceed the the costs of installing a replacement cooling system, we’ll discuss available options. We strive to achieve your complete satisfaction.

      Knowledgeable Residential Air Conditioner Installation Services

      Our HVAC service technicians routinely perform skilled air conditioner installation services for residential customers and businesses. Today, many manufacturers market highly energy-efficient units. Sometimes home owners and businesses can save money by upgrading from an older AC unit to a new, more energy-efficient model.

      Expert HVAC Services For Residential Central Air/Central Heat Systems

      Residential heating and cooling systems enjoy widespread popularity today. Customers in this part of Georgia count on our firm for experienced repair, maintenance and installation services for this technology. We offer quick, dependable service whenever an HVAC problem arises. For example, consider discussing popular new residential heating and cooling systems with us when planning development projects near Statesboro.

      Request Service For Commercial And Industrial HVAC And Refrigeration Systems, Too

      We install complex energy-efficient commercial cooling systems and refrigeration systems frequently. Does a hotel seek to convert from window box AC units in guest rooms to a Centralized HVAC system? Has a refrigeration unit in a restaurant or a convenience store stopped working? Does a manufacturing plant needs a new HVAC cooling system installed? Contact us for assistance. We offer reliable services at competitive prices!

      Obtain Expert Air Conditioner And HVAC Maintenance Services

      Customers in Statesboro and outlying communities also frequently request experienced air conditioner and HVAC maintenance services. We supply an excellent resource serving residential and business customers. Ask us to check over your home or business cooling and refrigeration systems on a regular basis. Our technicians perform cleaning and maintenance services to help keep valuable equipment operating efficiently.

      Contact Us

       We hope you’ll choose us as your preferred air conditioning specialist in Statesboro and outlying areas. Our company values your business. Peach State Air Conditioning and Refrigeration offers an outstanding choice when customers in this region seek HVAC services.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require air conditioning services. Call us now at 912-489-1585 to schedule a convenient appointment with a licensed HVAC service technician. We look forward to assisting you!


      Inspect coolant levels and pressure to ensure your system runs at peak efficiency.


      Calibrate thermostat(s) and check the proper cycle and temperature to improve comfort and control.


      Inspect and tighten wiring, contacts, capacitors, and relays to avoid expensive repairs.


      Inspect the evaporator coil.

      **Plus more safety and efficiency checks.


      Inspect the condensate drain.


      Inspect the condenser.


      Inspect the outdoor disconnect.


      Inspect the condenser fan motor and blades.


      Check compressor amps at startup.

      On call to meet your needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

      Our company has extensive experience in the Service, Sales, Installation and Maintenance of
      All types of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning