Water Heater Services

Efficient, Budget-friendly Water Heater Installation & Repair In Statesboro GA

Based in Statesboro, Peach State Air Conditioning takes pride in serving customers who need water heater services. Whether it is installation, repair or replacement, the expert team at Peach State will ensure that the job is done. We handle and work with a wide variety of water heaters. The brands that we install are some of the best in the business.

Is It More Economical To Buy A Water Heater Online?

If you choose to buy a water heater online, it might be cheaper but you could run into a lot of challenges, from the get-go. For one, you will have to select the one that is suitable for our needs. Secondly, you will have to have it installed by a local plumber, as per the safety codes prevalent in the state. Installing it improperly could cost you more in the long run.

At Peach State, we are committed to strictly working within the framework of specifications, codes and safety standards that are current in the state of Georgia. Our team is experienced and highly skilled to install, repair and replace water heaters. This will ensure that your water heater will perform efficiently and work trouble-free, for years to come. 

What Kind Of Water Heater Should I Have Installed In My Home?

At Peach State, we install and service a wide range of water heaters. If you need to install or repair, or even replace a water heater we are the ones to call. You can be confident that your family will get access to hot water for many years to come.

Traditional tank water heaters: A traditional heater is filled with water in the range of 30-80 gallons. It is kept heated at all times, ensuring hot water is always ready for use. Once the water is used up, fresh water fills up in the tank and the water is again heated. 

Though they are relatively cheap to install and replace, the utility costs of traditional waters can be high. They also take up more space and one can run out of hot water very quickly. They usually last for 10 to 15 years. 

Tankless water heaters: Tankless water heaters provide unlimited on-demand hot water when you need it. Tankless water heaters are very much in demand now, because of their low utility costs. They may be more expensive to install, but they can give you energy savings in the range of 25-35% more than that of traditional water heaters. They also last about twice as long — 20-25 years. 

Turn To Peach State For All Your Water Heater Needs

There will be no shortage of options when it comes to selecting a water heater. Choose a service that is professional and customer-friendly. Our company is family-grown and has been in the heating and air conditioning industry for over 30 years. To us, every customer is like family. 

We continue to offer services that will suit your budget and attend to every installation, repair or replacement with the same commitment that we started out with. We believe that outstanding customer service grows into a life-long relationship and makes for a very satisfied customer. 

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