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Peach State Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is proud to provide air conditioning, heating and refrigeration services to the residents and business owners of Sylvania, GA! Our customer service is exceptional and our costs affordable. Not to mention, we have the highest trained staff around!

How much does AC repair service usually cost near Sylvania?

An AC repair service usually costs from $100-$450 near Sylvania, GA. The cost can vary considerably, however, depending on what components need repair. Other factors that can influence the cost of the repair include:

  • The age of your air conditioning unit.
  • Your AC unit’s size, make and model.
  • Whether your HVAC system is under warranty.

If your air conditioner shows signs that it may need repair, call the expert technicians at Peach State or request a service visit online. We are proud to have been serving customers in southeast Georgia for more than three decades.

What happens if my home AC system is not serviced on a regular basis?

If you don’t service your home AC system regularly, you are risking having unnecessary repair costs in the future.

HVAC pros and manufacturers recommend scheduling an inspection and preventive maintenance visit every year. The benefits of regular service include:

  • Longer system lifespan.
  • Fewer repairs over the life of the system.
  • Better performance and energy savings.
  • Finding problems early before they cause critical issues.

Peach State Air Conditioning & Refrigeration offers customers near Sylvania and other areas of southeast Georgia service tune-ups and preventive maintenance programs. If you haven’t scheduled a tune-up recently, call our team today! 

How do I know if a residential air conditioning system needs coolant?

One of the most common signs that your air conditioning system needs coolant is if the system is running, but the air coming out of the vents isn’t cold

Other signs that the system may need coolant include:

  • Higher energy bills.
  • The air conditioner’s refrigerant line is covered in frost or ice.
  • The refrigerant line is making a bubbling or hissing sound.
  • The outside unit is making a jingling or rattling sound.

If you suspect that you have a refrigerant leak or the system needs coolant, call a professional HVAC company right away. It’s definitely not a DIY fix, and, especially with a frozen unit, continued operation can cause significant damage. 

Customers near Sylvania, GA, can call the expert team at Peach State, and we’re happy to diagnose any AC problems. Contact us today!

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