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At Peach State, we believe that comfort is a well-deserved luxury. That is why we offer superior AC and furnace services in Statesboro, GA and the surrounding communities. We have more than 30 years of experience providing unsurpassed air conditioning and heating services including installation, repair and maintenance services. Our highly skilled workforce and excellent support teams work with a commitment to ensure your comfort and peace of mind. 

Peach State AC Repair & HVAC Installations

Georgia’s unrelenting summer heat is no match for our cooling services. Our NATE certified technicians will employ an expert combination of air conditioning installation, ac repair and maintenance services to ensure that your home is cool and energy efficient no matter how high the mercury climbs!

And during the cooler months, our heating systems kick in to keep you warm and comfortable through the winter chill.

You can also count on us for all your water heater needs. Nothing supports a family’s well being quite like clean air and water, so make sure you call Peach State when you notice the following signs of trouble with your water and air quality:

  • Frequent headaches.
  • Rusty looking water.
  • Chronic sinus issues.
  • Showers that go cold quickly.
  • Increased allergy and asthma symptoms.

Outstanding AC & Heating Service In Statesboro

Peach State Air Conditioning has an established history of providing comprehensive comfort services to the residents of Statesboro, GA and beyond. Check out our reviews to see what your neighbors are saying about us!

With 30 years of expertise, we offer quality air conditioning, heating, and refrigerator services, from installation to maintenance. Our trusted local team ensures no job is too big or small, whether it's tuning a heating system or relocating an AC unit. Enjoy high-quality service, 24/7 availability, and a commitment to becoming the leading HVAC company in southeast Georgia. Our certified technicians focus on optimizing residential cooling and heating systems for comfort and cost savings.

Contact us anytime you need help with your heating and cooling systems. We are available 24/7 so you never have to suffer discomfort for any longer than absolutely necessary.

What is the average cost for residential air conditioning repair service near Statesboro?

Statesboro residents pay on average $75 - $1,500 for air conditioning repair service, depending on the type of repair and which AC repair company is used. If your repair cost is estimated to be higher than this range, it’s a good idea to consider a complete replacement. Of course, that will also depend on the age and condition of your system.

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How much does it cost to replace or install an air conditioning unit near Statesboro?

The typical air conditioning unit replacement or installation near Statesboro costs in the range of $3,400 - $7,000, with an average cost of $4,700. A few things that influence what you end up paying are the size of the system, the AC installation company you choose and the SEER rating of the unit.

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We also provide air conditioning financing options to make a replacement an painless process for residents near Statesboro!

How long do central AC units last near Statesboro?

Summers are long and hot near the Statesboro area. This takes its toll on homes’ air conditioning units. The typical lifespan of an AC unit is around 12 - 15 years, although if you want a reliable system, replacing after ten years is a better idea.

If your AC unit is requiring frequent repairs or driving your energy bill sky high, it’s probably time for a replacement, no matter what the age.

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