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When it gets too hot to handle, we all know how comforting the very thought of a well-serviced air conditioner is. The older the AC, heater or furnace the harder it becomes to repair them. Peach State Georgia is here to serve the residents of Millen - we offer a comprehensive range of services for both old and new air conditioners and heating services. With over 30 years into the business, our team comprises of experienced professionals who will help your new AC system to match exactly with your home’s required temperature and load profile. If you have a complicated AC or installation problem, we are here to help you solve it. 

A Wide Range Of AC & Heating Services In Millen, GA

Your central air conditioner plays an incredibly important role during our hot Georgia summers - keeping you and your family in a cool, comfortable space. Count on Peach State to provide all the essential AC installation, repair and maintenance services your home needs. And when winter comes and you need reliable heating, Peach State will have you covered on those chilly January nights, as well!

We also offer commercial HVAC solutions, including commercial refrigeration.

More Than Just Heating & AC

In addition to our trusted heating and cooling services, your whole family will appreciate the health benefits of clean air indoors. We are happy to install air purification systems that combat troublesome headaches, sinus irritation, allergies and asthma symptoms. 

You can also rest assured that you will never need to worry about running out of hot water with Peach State on the job. Our trained technicians provide complete water heater services, including installation, repair and maintenance for both storage tank and tankless water heater models.

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We are very upfront with our charges and fees — there are no hidden fees at Peach State! All our transactions are transparent and our main focus is to foster your complete faith in us. With over 30 years of service, we have built a reputation for providing complete customer satisfaction. See what your neighbors in the Millen area have to say about us!

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How much does it cost to get my AC unit fixed near Millen?

Having your air conditioner repaired in Millen usually costs between $166-$600, but most homeowners spend an average of $383 for repairs. Some factors that can influence the cost for AC repairs include the type and brand of the air conditioner you have, the size of the unit and how damaged the unit is.

What kind of maintenance does my home air conditioning system need near Millen?

Regular AC maintenance can help your air conditioner to perform better, last longer and can also improve your indoor air quality. Typically, your air conditioner needs to be professionally serviced once a year in the Spring, but you may need to have yours serviced more frequently if you use it often. Some other ways you can maintain your AC at home include regularly changing the air filter and keeping the area around the outdoor condensing unit clear.

When should I start thinking about upgrading my HVAC system?

Most HVAC systems last between 15-20 years, so you should think about upgrading your system around that time. However, your HVAC system may need to be replaced sooner if you notice it’s losing efficiency, your indoor air quality is bad or your system keeps breaking down. You may also want to think about replacing your damaged HVAC if the cost for repairs is greater than 50% of the cost for a new HVAC system.