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Peach State Air Conditioning has over 30 years of experience serving Claxton, GA homes and businesses for all their air conditioning, air purification and furnace needs. Offering exceptional customer service and impeccable care, our family-owned business has earned a rock-solid reputation over the years. We always ensure that whatever may be the weather outside you will always remain comfortable inside! 

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Peach State provides a variety of services to keep you in optimal comfort.

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If you live in the area of Claxton, GA and need air conditioning or heating services (or both!) call Peach State at (912) 489-1585 today. All the members of our team are NATE-certified and carry many hours of in-depth training. 

Your problem will always get its best solution with our support. Every Peach State technician carries only genuine and branded spare parts and replacements, and most systems are fixed in just one visit. 

How much does it cost to fix a house AC system near Claxton?

Residential AC repairs cost between $200-$400 on average, but the cost for repairs is dependent on the type of unit you have, how damaged it is and the specific parts that will need to be replaced. The average homeowner spends $300 for AC repairs, but repair costs can be well into the thousands depending on the condition of your unit.

Peach State Air Conditioning is here to make sure you have clean, comfortable air flowing 24/7. To have your AC repaired near Claxton, give us a call today!

How much does a new AC unit cost near Claxton?

AC units vary in price depending on the kind of unit you want, but the average cost of AC replacement is around $5000, including labor. Window AC units tend to be the least expensive and generally cost between $150-$750, while geothermal air conditioners are one of the most expensive units you can buy, typically ranging in cost from $3,000-$6,000. Central AC units and ductless mini-split air conditioners are some of the most common types of AC systems you can install. For central AC, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,200-$4,500 for the unit and ductless mini-split systems usually cost between $1,000-$5,500.

Peach State Air Conditioning is here to help answer any questions you have about air conditioning systems. For more information on AC unit costs or to schedule a service with us, call us today!

What kind of maintenance does an AC unit need near Claxton?

Air conditioners require regular maintenance in order for them to function properly and last you a long time. Air conditioning units should be professionally serviced once a year by an HVAC technician, but you can also help to take care of your air conditioner by making sure the area around the unit is clean and by replacing the air filters at least once every 90 days.

Have any questions about AC maintenance? Let the professionals at Peach State Air Conditioning help by calling us today!